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Natural Born Vagabond™ is a bilingual (English and Polish) site devoted to travel photography and journalism. Here you can find images and articles from our remote travels. The ambition of the creators is to share the best stories with those who crave wilderness and adventure. If you would like to share your opinions or travel stories please contact us via e-mail.


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Writing Travel JournalWe are constantly striving to deliver the most comprehensive content on travels and around the world adventures to our readers. If you are a curious person who would like to join us in those efforts, please shoot us an e-mail. We will be happy to post your travel reportage and photos on the Natural Born Vagabond™  (NBV) website.



Things to know before sending any material to NBV:

    • There are several categories to post under:
      • Travels
      • Foodie corner
        – Food reviews
        – Recipes (only unique and personally tested recipes with images will be considered)
    • Each entry must contain:
      • No less than 5 paragraphs of comprehensive writing from your trip/adventure
      • At least 3 good quality photos with descriptions
      • Date and place of the trip
      • Short note about author
  • We accept entries written in Polish or English
  • We also welcome maps created via Maps Engine Lite
  • If we approve your material it will appear on the home page of the NBV and will be categorised as a Guest entry. If you decide to write more than 3 entries we will prepare your Contributor bio page and post it under the “Vagabonds” section of the blog
  • We reserve the right to edit the content and photos before posting it to our blog
  • We will try to get back to you regarding your entry within three weeks; however, if you haven’t heard back, feel free to check with us again
  • All info can be send to us via

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