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Packing List

Packing List

Most of the gear featured in the photo above is suitable for mountain treks and fits in one backpack – Compiled by Dominika D. for Natural Born Vagabond™.

  1. Backpack:
    – Currently I use Mammut mountaineering backpack (featured in the picture above). It is good on technical paths, as well for regular travels. Highly recommended for minimalist travellers.
  2. Essentials:
    – Point-and-shoot camera
    – Sunglasses
    – Wristwatch with compass, barometer and altimeter
    – Sketchbook with pen & pencil
    – 2 phones: Smart and basic phones (e.g. iPhone + Nokia (with a good battery)
  3. Emergency food stash:
    – Pack of ramen noodles usually finds a space in my travel bag.
    – Dates are a great source of healthy and long-lasting energy on long treks.
  4. Medical kit:
    – Bacitracin
    – Bandages
    – Vitamin C
    – Multivitamin
    – Panadol
    – Sterile wipes
    – Tiger balm 

  1. Toiletry:
    Aloe gel (aftersun or mosquito bites)
    – Small shampoo sachets
    – Small bottles of shower gel
    – Antiperspirant
    – Moisture refreshing wipes
    – Wind protective cream
    – Toothpaste and toothbrush (small)
  2. Utensils:
    – Metal coffee mug
    – Lighter
    – Matchbox
    – Knife
    – Plastic spoon/fork
    – Thermos (on the photo: Primus Vacuum Bottle)
  3. Essential clothing:
    – Icebreaker underwear  made from marino wool (on the photo: Icebreaker Women’s Bolt Tank).
    – Baseball hat or any hat covering your face from the sun and rain.
  4. 101 mountaineering equipment:
    – Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness
    – Piece of rope
    – Gators
    – Mammut Women’s Pilgrim Jacket
  5. Boots:
    – Choice of shoes depending on the region you go to. (In the photo: La Sportiva Women’s Nepal EVO GTX Boot.)
  6.  Trekking poles
    – My favourite Petzl sticks were travelling with me quite a bit and stayed always on the top of their task.

You may also consider additional elements to your packing list depending on your destination:

  • Swim gear
  • Sleeping bag (I use “cats-meow” from North Face for colder nights)
  • Sleeping mat (thermal mat)
  • Pair of flip flops
  • Energy gels, chocolate bars, sachets of Pocari Sweat, instant coffee & tea
  • CamelBak Antidote Replacement Reservoir
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra batteries
  • Charger and plug converters
  • Memory cards
  • Mosquito repellent and medicine advised for the region you are going to explore

My cameras:

  • DSLR 5D mark II
  • Point-and-shoot Canon G10
  • iPhone 5


Keep one or two extra plastic bags with you; they will be useful to organise stuff in your backpack and keep it tidy on longer trips.

Advice for women: Take a large cotton sari (scarf) with you. You can use it as a cover-up on the plane, a wrap on the beach, a scarf in colder regions or even as a picnic blanket. It dries fast, too, so you will find it useful – e.g. if you have an unexpected bath in a mountain stream! (Excerpt from advice given by Dominika in Time Out Dubai.)