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Paris, city of lights

After spending our pre-wedding honey moon in Paris in 2011, we had a chance to discover for ourselves why the French capital is known as the “city of lights”.

One of our highlights while in Paris was to see “Midnight in Paris” (directed by Woody Allen) in the UCG Danton theatre in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The cinema was, oddly enough, featured as a postcard view at the beginning of the movie, so it felt like we were part of the movie! Inspired by the film — and trying to avoid the hordes of tourists searching for “Paris in love” — we decided to drink lots of wine and hunt for the “time gate” that would transport us to 19th century Paris just as the protagonist in Woody Allen’s production had done with much success and much adventure.

Unfortunately, we reckon that we did not drink enough wine as we never did meet up with Gertrude Stein or Hemingway. Nevertheless, we still did create our own fun memories while wandering around the arrondissements of Paris…

Below are some night scenes in watercolour inspired by our journeys along the streets of Montmartre and other areas of Paris.

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