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Bloody Thore

Recently we had a visitor passing through Montreal on his round-the-world trip. We first met the traveller, Thore, on a trek to the peak of Kilimanjaro (read full story here) back in 2012. Thore previously was working in Hong Kong before he decided to see the world on a year-long adventure living out of his backpack. He runs a cooking, travelling and exercising blog (Cooking With Friends), which he manages to maintain even while on the road. We caught up with him and partook in his cooking when he stopped by at our temporary kitchen and cooked up a storm. That night also saw the birth of a new cocktail which we describe below.

Inspired by Canada’s favourite cocktail, the Bloody Caesar (vodka and Clamato juice), we came up with the idea of mixing pickle juice with Clamato to put a twist to the traditional recipe. It nicely coincides with Canada’s 150th anniversary, as well as Montreal’s 375th.

Here is the Bloody Thore recipe. You’re welcome: 

  • Żubrówka (Polish bison grass vodka)
  • Clamato juice (clam and tomato juice sold under the “Mott’s” label)
  • Pickle juice (East European style)
  • Worcestershire, Tabasco, celery salt and lime per taste
  • Garnish with sliced pickle and basil leaf

Enjoy this new summer cocktail sensation. Prost!





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